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Free Shipping For Orders Over $150!

Free Shipping For Orders Over $150!

3D Crystal Heart

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1-2 x

3.09'' x 2.52'' x 1.52''

Designed for 1-2 Figure(s)


Size Width x Height x Depth Designed For
Small 3.09'' x 2.52'' x 1.52'' 1-2 Figure(s)
Medium 3.93'' x 3.54'' x 2.36'' 1-3 Figure(s)
Large 4.33'' x 3.94'' x 2.36'' 1-4 Figure(s)
XL 4.72'' x 3.93'' x 2.36'' 1-5 Figure(s)


Some customers are experiencing your photo moving in the crystal sampler after clicking on "Save". We're working on this issue and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

All photo's backgrounds will be removed by the standard. People, pets, and small objects in the photo will be converted from 2D to 3D if the chosen crystal has the prefix "3D".

Wondering if the photo you have will go well on your crystal? Would you prefer to send us your photo later? No problem!

Send us your photo with your order number at customerservice@3dlasergifts.com after you place the order and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Delivery dates given at checkout are not guaranteed.


Monotype Corsiva
Script MT Bold


Life is filled with special moments worth remembering. For moments like these, the 3D Crystal Heart is the best way to capture and have it forever with you. Skillfully constructed from 100% pure crystal, this beautiful keepsake is guaranteed to last a lifetime and is available in various sizes, allowing it the ability to fit perfectly atop any mantle, bookshelf, or desktop.

No automation. No shortcuts.

You might be able to program a computer to perform mathematics to a level that will never be achieved by humans. However, we all know that when it comes to art and design, we need to work together, man and machine, to achieve the best result possible.

We understand that for such an important gift that will last a lifetime, using automated enhanced softwares is a no-no. That's why the 3D Laser Gifts team is trained on the art of enhancing images with that famous photo editor. With over 150.000 photos edited through the years, we can safely say that we perfected the optimal look of your Photo Crystal.