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Corporate Award 3D Cut Dome

The Corporate Award 3D Cut Dome is one of the best ways to pay tribute to those who have been most influential in your organization. It's simple yet elegant design makes it the perfect award for appreciation and incentivizing your workers. With a company logo engraved on it, you'll be personalizing it and making it custom designed. You can also etch a message to appreciate the person and make him treasure it even more. It also comes with a free LED base light to accentuate all its features and make it even more aesthetically pleasing. They'll be appreciating this award for sure.


No automation, no shortcuts.

You might be able to program a computer to perform mathematics to a level that will never be achieved by humans. However, we all know that when it comes to art and design, we need to work together, man and machine, to achieve the best result possible.

We understand that for such an important gift that will last a lifetime, using automated enhanced softwares is a no-no. That's why the 3D Laser Gifts team is trained on the art of enhancing images with that famous photo editor. With over 150.000 photos edited through the years, we can safely say that we perfected the optimal look of your Photo Crystal.

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