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Whatever you do, whoever you are, there have been certain moments in your life when you felt the freest with yourself. Your sense of happiness was at its peak and it seemed like nothing could mess with that. If ever that moment comes again, wouldn't it be nice to remember it for the rest of your life? Well, with a 3D Crystal Rectangle, that's now a possibility. All you've got to do is have a picture of that moment engraved in it and you'll be able to see and treasure that moment for the rest of your life. You can also choose to have the picture accompanied by a little caption that will be etched alongside it. Voila! You've got the memory for the rest of your life. Just like that!


No automation, no shortcuts.

You might be able to program a computer to perform mathematics to a level that will never be achieved by humans. However, we all know that when it comes to art and design, we need to work together, man and machine, to achieve the best result possible.

We understand that for such an important gift that will last a lifetime, using automated enhanced softwares is a no-no. That's why the 3D Laser Gifts team is trained on the art of enhancing images with that famous photo editor. With over 150.000 photos edited through the years, we can safely say that we perfected the optimal look of your Photo Crystal.

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