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National Autism Day

National Autism Day, celebrated every year on April 2nd, is a day to raise awareness about autism and promote acceptance and inclusion of individuals with autism. As a grandparent of a child with autism, this day holds a special meaning for me.

My grandson, who is now 8 years old, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. It was a difficult time for our family, as we were not familiar with the condition and didn't know how to best support him. But as we learned more about autism and began to understand his unique strengths and challenges, we realized what a gift he is to our family.

One of the things my grandson loves to do is puzzles. He has a remarkable ability to focus and concentrate on putting together even the most complicated puzzles, which is a common trait among individuals with autism. Watching him work on a puzzle is a reminder to me of the incredible strengths that individuals with autism possess.

On National Autism Day, I like to take a moment to reflect on the progress that has been made in raising awareness about autism, but also to remember that there is still much work to be done. There are still many people who don't understand autism and who stigmatize those with the condition. That's why it's so important to continue to promote acceptance and inclusion, not just on National Autism Day, but every day.

As a grandparent of a child with autism, I also think it's important to support organizations that work to improve the lives of individuals with autism and their families. Whether it's by making a donation, volunteering, or simply spreading awareness, there are many ways we can all contribute to the cause.

So on this National Autism Day, I encourage everyone to take a moment to reflect on the gifts that individuals with autism bring to our world, and to do what they can to support the cause. And if you have a grandchild or loved one with autism, I encourage you to take some time to appreciate their unique strengths and abilities, whether it's putting together puzzles or something else entirely. Let's all work together to promote acceptance and inclusion for individuals with autism.

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